My Favourite WordPress Plugin, Theme & Tools

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Here is the list of my favourite WordPress plugins, theme & tools that I use.

After years of learning & experience, here is the list of my favourite WordPress plugins, themes, tools & SAAS that I use.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Development Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens & custom field data.

Add fields on demand. Our field builder allows you to quickly and easily add fields to WP edit screens with only the click of a few buttons!

Add them anywhere. Fields can be added all over WP including posts, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments and even custom options pages!

Show them everywhere. Load and display your custom field values in any theme template file with our hassle-free developer friendly functions!

Code snippets

Code snippets is an easy, clean and simple way to run PHP code snippets on your site. It removes the need to add custom snippets to your theme’s functions.php file.

A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with less load on your site.

Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippet code to your active theme’s functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while.

Code snippets changes that by providing a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually running them on your site just as if they were in your theme’s functions.php file.

Code snippets provide a graphical interface, similar to the Plugins menu, for managing snippets. Snippets can be activated and deactivated, just like plugins. The snippet editor includes fields for a name, a visual editor-enabled description, tags to allow you to categorize snippets, and a full-featured code editor. Snippets can be exported for transfer to another site, either in JSON for later importing by the Code snippets plugin, or in PHP for creating your own plugin or theme.

You may visit these sites for code snippets


WP Reset quickly resets the site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files. It deletes all customizations and content or just chosen parts like theme settings. WP Reset is fast and safe to use thanks to the built-in snapshots which provide 1-click restore functionality. It has multiple fail-safe mechanisms so you can never accidentally lose data. WP Reset is extremely helpful for plugin and theme developers. It speeds up testing & debugging by providing a quick way to reset settings and re-test code. It’s the only WP development tool for non-developers.

Security Plugin

WP Security Audit Log

Keep an activity log of everything that happens on your WordPress and WordPress multisite with the WP Security Audit Log plugin to:

  • Ensure user productivity
  • Ease troubleshooting
  • Know exactly what all your users are doing
  • Better manage & organize your WordPress site
  • Easily spot suspicious behaviour before there are security problems.

Simple History

Simple History shows recent changes made within WordPress, directly on your dashboard or on a separate page.

The plugin works as a log/history/audit log/version history of the most important events that occur in WordPress.

Malcare + Blogvault

Malcare the only WordPress security plugin that does not overload your server while ensuring a full and complete WordPress security service. The best part is now turned to the WordPress management service portal.

BlogVault WordPress backup, migration, staging, restore & management solution. See why we are the most reliable WordPress Backup plugin.


A website security & protection platform that delivers peace of mind. Stop worrying about website security threats and get back to building your online brand.

Used to subscripted to Sucuri, but after using Malcare + Blogvault, there are no turning back.

Ninja Firewall

NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) is a true Web Application Firewall. Although it can be installed and configured just like a plugin, it is a stand-alone firewall that sits in front of WordPress.

It allows any blog administrator to benefit from very advanced and powerful security features that usually aren’t available at the WordPress level, but only in security applications such as the Apache ModSecuritymodule or the PHP Suhosin extension.

Speed & Optimization Plugin


commonWP is a plugin that enables usage of free, public CDN (jsDelivr) for open source JavaScript and CSS files. Those files are:

  • All files from WordPress core, unless development version of WordPress is used.
  • All files from plugins hosted by Plugins Repository, unless author of specific plugin doesn’t use SVN tags for releasing.
  • All files from themes hosted by Themes Repository.
  • All files from plugins and themes hosted on GitHub that support GitHub Updater.
  • All files marked as available on npm in any type of theme, plugin, or MU plugin.

Swift Performance Pro

Swift Performance will increase the loading speed of any WordPress website and provides an intelligent, modern caching system. Had been using this plugin to optimise over 50 websites.

Short Pixel

Image optimization plugin, there are no better compression result than ShortPixel. It compresses images and PDFs, WebP convert and many more.

Asset Cleanup

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Pro

Pionet Addons

Elementor Extras


Ninja Table Pro

WP Fluent Form Pro

SEO Plugin


SEOPress Pro

Google Site kit

Migrate Guru

All in One Migration

Updraft Plus



WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs.

DNS Management


Hosting & Management


Malcare + Blogvault

Manage WP





Google Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

Google Tag Manager

Manage all your website tags without editing code. Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions— for free.

Google Search Console

Track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for more webmaster resources.


Ubersuggest helps you generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production. With Ubersuggest’s free keyword tool, generate an unlimited number of suggestions for free and take your content creation to the next level while increasing your website’s chances of ranking against the competition.

Mangools SERP simulator

Use our free SERP simulator to create stunning title tags and meta descriptions. Boost the CTR and bring visitors to your website!

Speed Test


GTMetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance.  


Pingdom test the page load time, analyze it and find bottlenecks. 


WebPageTest offers free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds. You can run simple tests or perform advanced testing including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more. Your results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

Security Test


Tools for Webmaster, Web Engineer, Security Analyst, and SEO Expert

Email delivery Platform


Powerful Transactional Email APIs that enable you to send, receive, and track emails, built with developers in mind.


Delivering your transactional and marketing emails through the world’s largest cloud-based email delivery platform. 

Free account sends 40,000 emails for the first 30 days, then 100 emails/day.


Take your business to new heights with the complete all-in-one digital marketing toolbox that’s built to scale and adapt with you as you grow.

Free account sends 300 emails/day.

Emailer Marketing Service


Create advanced email marketing campaigns with features like automation, landing pages and surveys


All‑in‑one Marketing Platform. Email marketing, ads, landing pages, and CRM tools to grow your business on your terms. 

SAAS (Save $$$)


Appsumo features Kickass Products to grow your business & help you in life.

Get a couple of lifetime deal of WordPress theme & plugin here.

SAAS Mantra

A platform which offers the best deals on SaaS products. Just like Appsumo

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Need assist on your WordPress Website?


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