Can CDN improve website speed?

Yes and no, it depends on your server location and target audience. Yes, if your target audience is global. If your target audience is local, I’ll suggest you save your money.

Yes and no, it depends on your server location and target audience. Example if your target audience is global, the answer will be YES. But if your target audience is local, I’ll suggest use local web hosting provider.

What is CDN? And how is CDN work?

CDN stands for content delivery network, is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goals is to shorter the distance of website and make it loads faster.

Example if your web hosting in US and your target audience is global, for site visitor that live it German want to visit your website, he will need to connect your server all the way from German, it will cause latency when loading your content and make your website load slower.

Cdn Global Network
Global Network

What is the advantage of CDN?

CDN will speed up your website by bring your website content to it global network, it will minimize the latency, make it loads from the closer network, in the case it will loads from German server.

In layman terms means moving the beer store next to your house, so you no longer need to travel so far to get a beer

Do I need to use CDN to speed up website?

It depends on your target audience. Example if your business website in Malaysia and your target audience is Malaysian, I will suggest you use spend more on local hosting provider with local network.

But if your business website target audience is International, I’ll suggest you use CDN, example in BunnyCDN, they have 11 network servers in US itself. Fast loading website bring better user experience, Google already announced that page experience signals will be included in the Google Search ranking.

Which CDN is Best and Affordable.

BunnyCDN offers two incredibly cost-affordable pricing plans with no monthly minimums, powerful features and simple Pay As You Go pricing. BunnyCDN actually performs close to or even faster than a lot of the expensive CDNs.

BunnyCDN is Best and Affordable

With 43 PoPs in BunnyCDN networks, across 6 continents and 29 countries and powered by NVMe SSD technology, it can be reached in less than 30 milliseconds in most areas around the world.

BunnyCDN use Tier 1 network partners, which provide best reliability and performance and offers industry-leading security and encryption features. Free SSL, token authentication, network control, hotlinking protection and more is available with just a few clicks.

BunnyCDN provides Free 14-Day Trial – No credit card required.

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