Common Website Problems by Cheap Freelance Website Designer

Over the years, I had site audit and revamp hundreds of website. Here are some bad web design examples & common mistakes of website designer that I found.

Here are some of the most common mistake I found as the jury for Malaysia website award.

Bad Website Mistake – Never speed optimise for SEO

Over 90% of the websites did not speed optimise for SEO. As per Google suggest, best is loads below 3 seconds, because slow website will increase bounce rate and decrease conversation rate.

no speed optimise

Bad Landing Page Mistake – Call to action to leave website

The call to action ask site visitor leave the website to social media.

The number ONE goal of website is to keep the site visitor stay in the website longer, to get the them convert, not ask them to leave the website ASAP.

bad call to action

Bad SEO Mistake – Website set to onindex

The website is set to no index, this is the BIG mistake by the freelance web designer.

Noindex = Ask Google to hide your website for everyone.


Index post category. This is another mistake too. We usually save the crawl budget and NEVER set category to be index by Google.

index category

Bad Web Design Mistake – Use Slider

Based on many of research over the year and Google already suggest NOT to use slider in year 2012, one very good reason is it will not help the website convert.

Most of the time site visitor will never bother to look at and is less than 1% of site visitor look at second slide.

use slider

Website set to noindex from search engine

This will include a noindex meta tag helps prevent crawling of the page by search engines, or blocking it. Search engine bot will drop off immediately, believing this site is not to be showed on search results.


Wrong format

These day we use SVG format for site logo, is because the file size is small, sharp and scaleable. But some freelancer do not understand the file format. What they do is rename the file extension and con themself as that is the SVG format.

fake svg

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash