How to create a website

4 Easy Steps without freelancer.​

If you are in budget, just follow this guide without hire freelancer.

Here are the 4 easy steps for you to create website yourself with a template.

Before We Start

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system to create website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 40% (2021) of all the websites on the Internet. Based on Usage Statistics and Market Share by W3 Techs, there are over 27 millions WordPress website worldwide, over 20,000 WordPress website in Malaysia.

We will use, not

7 reasons

Why use WordPress

1. Is Free and Open-Source;
2. Always up-to-date up with latest trends;
3. Always up-to-date with Security patch;
4. Easy to learn with the vast community;
5. Easy to scale up / expand with themes and plugins;
6. SEO Friendly & Google loves it;
7. Do not lock down like WIX / SquareSpace / Shopify

Let’s start how to create a website

Step 1

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the place to your website files live, is like your house where your website live.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is an address that people type in the browser to go to your website. Web hosting is your house & domain name will be your address for the visitor to visit you.For better SEO, get Top-level domain (LTD) example like: .com; .net; .org & .edu. You may check up Domain Names — SEO Best Practices by Moz

Search your domain now!

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Step 2

WordPress Hosting Suggestion

I had tried / use over 10 web hosting company in the pass, here are some web hosting companies I’m using.

ServerFreak WordPress Hosting

ServerFreak is very famous is among the local WordPress Community, reasons that their affordable price, support and Powered by LITESPEED with LSCache. With LSCache, you don’t additional cost of getting additional cache plugin.
ServerfreakCheck up ServerFreak

Cloudways WordPress Cloud Hosting

If you like to use WooCommerce and need to use Cloud VPS like Digital Ocean, Linode, GCP, or AWS, Cloudways makes it easier for you. You get to configure the specification that suits your needs. Unlike shared hosting, you do not share resources with others. 

Please note that it doesn’t come with FREE domain, backup & CDN, you may purchase the domain separately from NameCheap or Exabytes and all other services at additional cost.
Managed Cloud Hosting PlatformCheck up Cloudways

Ulement WordPress Manage Services

If you need Lightning-Fast Web Hosting, Top Notch Security with Professional-Grade Web Application Firewall, with WordPress’s Cores, Theme and Plugin Management, Daily Backup and many more, we will manage your WordPress website for you 🙂
Ulement | WordPress Malaysia | Create Best SEO Practices Web Design & Development that Google loves to help your Business GrowthGet In Touch

Step 3

Choose the right WordPress theme

Theme is the outlook of your website, you may choose the most suitable theme that suite your business website.

WordPress Theme Repository

wordpress theme
You can find all kinds of FREE theme, from blog to news portal to business to eCommerce website. My favourite freemium theme is Blocksy.

ThemeForest Marketplace

The Best WordPress theme Marketplace, but most of them are overweight. Suggest use the bestseller theme with Elementor, for examples like Bridge or Phlox Pro.

Best WooCommerce Theme

Shoptimizer is the fastest WooCommerce theme with Elementor I had used. It designed for better conversion. With proper speed optimization, you can get 90+ at Google PageSpeed Insights.

Step 4

Import website demo

The demo content is really helpful for newbie, you may replace all the demo content after import.

Best Lightweight Theme - 

blocksy theme
This documentation teaches you how to import demo with Best Lightweight theme Blocksy
Import Blocksy demo

Multipurpose Theme - 
Phlox Pro

This documentation teaches you how to import demo with Multipurpose theme Phlox Pro from ThemeForest
Import Phlox Pro demo

WooCommerce Theme -

This documentation teaches you how to import demo with Shoptimizer theme from CommerceGurus
Import Shoptimizer demo
After the demo is installed, you may use page builder Elementor to replace the image & text with your content.
Please note that Elementor is Page Builder, not post builder. To create post, please use WordPress editor – Gutenberg.
Using page builder to create post will slow down your website.


My must have WordPress plugins for Business Websites

WordPress, Web Design, SEO Tips and Tutorials

More Tips and Tutorials

Malaysia WordPress Community

WordPress Meetup is for all WordPress users from new to experienced to get together and discuss all things WordPress.Regardless of whether you use WordPress for business or pleasure, as a blogger, developer, or designer, our monthly meetups are sure to help you get the most out of this amazing open-source software.We would love for you to be a part of our welcoming, active and enthusiastic group. So please join us and come along to the next event!

Just like WordPress, joining the group and attending our meetup is absolutely free!

Malaysia Elementor Community

Calling all Elementor enthusiasts! Malaysia Elementor users unite and meet to share, learn and support one another.
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