How important is WordPress Management?

Client website drops from number 1 to page 6 due to enhancement by another web developer. After some fine-tuned, client back to number 1 in less than a week?

No Proper Web Development and WordPress Management

There are lots of (WordPress) website is build without any proper support and maintenance. And it brings huge impact to the website search ranking. Here are some case that I come across.

Search Ranking drops from Page 1 to Page 6

Spring Wedding's Google Analytics Dashboard
Spring Wedding’s Google Analytics Dashboard

Spring Wedding ranking drops from page 1 to page 6 due to some development update by the web developer that their hired previously.

When the client comes to me in July, I found out that theme & plugins are not updated for years, some plugins could be replaced with better options. And there are some SEO mistakes done by the web developer.

Fine-tuned the website structure, targeted keywords and solved out all the WordPress management issue

After 2 weeks of audit and solved out all the of the WordPress theme & plugins issues, fine-tuned the website structure and targeted keywords, the website back to page 1 in a week, best is they are now rank number 1 with their targeted keywords.

Comment Management

Comment Problem
Comment Problem

When the website is not proper managed, you will get the spam message like this, the worst case is these are index by Google… It bring very bad repetition to the brand.

Website been hacked and redirect to adult site

The WordPress website is custom code development but the developer had never proper manage the website security, and it uses a cheap shared hosting.

The web developer didn’t notice the website been hacked for a while, till it was redirected to a porn site.

What we do is we clean up all the files that is infected by malware, hundreds of it… and use Web Application Firewall (WAF) to secure the website and moved to proper hosting package with proper security set up.

Photo by Mike Kononov on Unsplash