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Ru ChiRu Chi

Optimize my website like magic!! Highly skilled and professional!🤗🤗🤗

Keung SoKeung So

This company is observed me action and listen to me needs patiently, thank you


非常專業的網頁設計師,技術、能力相當專精,服務客戶非常有耐心、細心,需要架設網站的人找不到專業的網頁設計師幫您架設嗎?ulement.com 將是您的唯一選擇,選擇他您將不會後悔物超所值喔!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Mohd Naim Abdul AzizMohd Naim Abdul Aziz

The Best WordPress consultant, Very professional!!

Er Ten HongEr Ten Hong

Professional, solution and goal oriented, and easy to work with. Look for Julian whether you need a new website or really want to revitalise your current one, he's all ears and ready to give you a plan swiftly!

Connor TuConnor Tu

非常細心 仔細。都會給你很有效的建議 超級推薦喔

Geraldine WongGeraldine Wong

I've been fortunate to use the services of Ulement for a website project. The company provided quality and timely service, in addition to consultation on best practices for website management & optimising our site. I look forward to engaging with Ulement again!

Mega RajMega Raj

Very good service. It helps, my website SEO rank better.

Dan KhawDan Khaw

We are a software company serving large enterprises in South East Asia and when we wanted to expand across other regions in Asia, we had a strict selection criteria.

We found Ulements by chance while doing other internet based research. Engineers from Ulements were active supporting other web developers within a social community and their selfless sharing and depth in web design and development caught our attention.

We are glad to share that we have been working with Ulements over the past two years and we are confident to recommend them as highly skilled and professional web company.

Kurtson WongKurtson Wong

Ulement help me diagnose the issues and make the website more secure and faster!



Chean ChungChean Chung

Julian is professional yet helpful. In his online class. He helps me to rediscover the importance of web SEO.

Niel TanNiel Tan

Very skillful WordPress expert! Thanks Julian for his time and effort showing us the plugins that can be used to optimize and secure our website.

His indeed the Fast and Furious WordPress Expert. Why? Because he can speed your website. You definitely do not want to miss his next sharing session!

Reggie WanReggie Wan

Thanks Julian for sharing your knowledge and assisting to clear all the load on the website. Very knowledgeable in optimizing WordPress and was prompt in helping to speed up our website! Highly recommended!

Doris LimDoris Lim

I appreciate Mr. Julian Song who spends his valuable time to organize WordPress and Elementor Meet Ups.
His commitment to teaching and sharing knowledge, using WP plugins and guidance to newbies is outstanding.

Thank you for breaking everything down the process and showing the tools you used to SPEED up the website.

May you achieve your dreams and aspirations and continue to inspire and motivate all those around you.

Charles ChewCharles Chew

Julian is highly skilled and knowledgeable in creating websites that work well.. He has also dedicated time to conduct training to newbies which has proven to be helpful to clueless me!

Harris PohHarris Poh

Mr Julian is very professional, deep knowledge and his design sense are very good. He don't hesitate to teach me everything about WordPress. When I meet hard question, Mr Julian will teach me patiently and make sure I understand it well.


專業又細心 售後服務超好的!!!

Jacky Ng Chin WeiJacky Ng Chin Wei

3 weeks ago, I had contacted Julian to check on what's my exact problem on my previous website because I felt that my business and the website SEO is dropping, just after few minutes he pointed out few big issues/mistake on my website which the previous designer had made to cause my website hardly been found by my clients, hence I appointed him to redo my website, I am very satisfied with his speedy response and just within 1 week, new website has been done and immediately, it appear in 1st page in google search!!! And his guidance is obviously improving my sales now!! Really Big thanks to Julian, he has safe my business!! Highly recommend for those who are serious in their business, really regret to get a cheap designer last time who disappeared for months after receiving the payment!!! 5 stars of 5!!!

Desmond NgDesmond Ng

Julian is one of the great WordPress Speed Optimization Expert in Malaysia. Apart from his willingness to share, Julian is also very active in organizing WordPress Events every month. Definitely hats off in salute for his service and attitude!

Zulfadzli HalimZulfadzli Halim

Superb after sales and service

Shota KikuokaShota Kikuoka


Sensen WangSensen Wang

非常感謝你的幫忙!!!!我是自己架站的新手, 為了網站速度查了好久也與主機商客服不斷協調, 最終速度還是卡在60幾分, 最後求助於貴公司, 竟然在短短時間內就幫我解決了問題, 現在我的網站速度達到80幾分!!! 相信專業是我覺得最重要的一件事情, 謝謝啊!!!在幫我優化過程中, 也教了我許多優化的技巧與觀念, 覺得這筆錢花的超值!!!推薦給尋找網站優化的大家!

Sham HardySham Hardy

Julian is one of the WordPress sifu legends in Malaysia. He's very active with the WP community, and very reliable if you need quick help with your WP site. As Muarian, I am really proud that this guy comes from the coolest town in Johor. All the best Julian!

Sophia TingSophia Ting


Kee Saik MengKee Saik Meng

Had some problem on Wix. Julian solved it for me like a Pro! Excellent troubleshooting. Highly recommended. Thanks!


專業+負責的態度,以很快速度幫客戶解決問題, 值得推薦!

Joey BoeyJoey Boey

Julian is very knowledgeable and professional on SEO and Web designs. I am amazed with his in depth knowledge and expertise. Highly recommend him!

Khaichuin SimKhaichuin Sim

Super fast response ! Excellent service! Best in Malaysia and some say singapore 👍👍👍

Tim ChenTim Chen

也教了我很多網路上的知識 :)

超推薦的喔 :)



Mike HenryMike Henry

Julian Song did a wonderful job on our site. He was quick to respond to issues and questions and he solved every challenge. Our site is so much faster. Thanks!

Jaspher LimJaspher Lim

love to sharing ,a good leader

Lucien LiLucien Li