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How to Secure WordPress from Hackers

Getting hacked is very frustrating and annoying. Trust me, you do not want an experience like that. Here are some tips on How to Secure WordPress from Hackers

WordPress Workshop @ Exabytes HQ (Penang)

2-day workshop will teach you how to start a WordPress website from scratch, basic of WordPress, how to manage & search engine optimised (SEO) to get better search ranking.

How important is WordPress Management?

Client website drops from number 1 to page 6 due to enhancement by another web developer. After some fine-tuned, client back to number 1 in less than a week?

How to Create Staging Site

The easiest way is to use Blogvault, you can set up a staging site right inside the dashboard with 1 click.

FREE Stock Images

Here are some sites that I look for Free Stock Images, Vector Graphic, Icons. Free Stock Images Unsplash Best among others, the FREE Images are very very good quality, even better than some paid site. It’s my number 1. Number of the image is in vertical format pixabay Here is second place I search for […]

How to Remove Bitnami Banner on Right Bottom Corner

Here is a simple line of CSS code to remove the Bitnami corner banner

The price of Cheap Web Design

I lost a couple of projects due to price war. And business partner also looks for a cheaper alternative as well, all due to price war.