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Here is a list of web development toolkit that I use in my agency and I use them everyday.
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Frequently received private messages from my friends asking me about which plugins I use for WordPress, what applications I use for web design, where to look for web design inspiration, which hosting should I use, etc.

Therefore, I wrote this article, and hope it can help any agency owner looking for the right tool to use.

Some of them offer lifetime deals, which is cost saving for agency owners.



  • Blocksy - The best feature rich & lightweight WordPress theme, best with WooCommerce.
  • GeneratePress - The most lightweight WordPress theme.
  • Kadence - Feature rich & lightweight WordPress theme.

Block Editor

  • Kadence Block - Feature rich & lightweight block editor.
  • GenerateBlock - Awesome & super lightweight block editor.
  • Post X - Lightweight block editor for news portal.
  • Product X - Lightweight block editor for WooCommerce.


  • SEOPress - Powerful rich SEO plugin with affordable price.

Form Builder

  • FluentForm - One of the best WordPress form builder.


Speed Optimization


  • WPML - Feature rich multilingual plugin. But working with Oxygen builder is pain in the ass.

Page Builder


Code Snippets / Misc

Learn WordPress

Social Media

Web Hosting

You paid what you get, never go for low cost cheap hosting.

  • Exabytes -  SEA largest web hosting provider.
  • ServerFreak - Malaysia web hosting with awesome support.
  • Rocket Net - WordPress web hosting powered by CloudFlare Enterprise.
  • Cloudways - Managed cloud hosting platform with high affiliate programs.

Cloud server

  • Upcloud - Fast cloud server with FREE USD25 credit.
  • Linode - Fast & solid cloud server with FREE USD100 credit.
  • Vultr - Fast cloud server with FREE USD100 credit.
  • HostHatch - Very affordable cloud server with AMD & fast NVMe SSD.

Control Panel

  • RunCloud - Features rich & affordable control panel for cloud servers.
  • Gridpane - WordPress focus control panel for cloud servers.
  • Cloudpages - LiteSpeed focus control panel for cloud servers.


  • BunnyCDN - One of the fastest CDN with affordable price.
  • Cloudflare APO - Supercharge WordPress with Cloudflare CDN.
  • NitroPack - Automatics speed optimisation platform.


  • Google WorkSpace -  Google business toolkit.
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  • MXroute - Very affordable email solutions.

Email Delivery

Emailer Marketing


Learn SEO

Web Design

Learn Web Design



  • Font Pair - Good library of font pairs.
  • Utopia - Fluid responsive typography and spacing.
  • webSemantics - Responsive font-size calculator.




Speed Performance


Market Place

Article written by Julian Song
WordPress Consultant | Elementor Performance Expert. Meet-up organizer for WordPress Penang; Elementor Community leader Penang and Wedevs Brand Ambassador in Malaysia.